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East African Biggest Big data solutions Provider in Africa.

Data science is making, us smarter, and more innovative in so many ways., With data, science tools, we can unlock the potential from diverse data sets in finance, health care, product development, sales and, more.,


Data speaks volumes when it is visualised.   If you’re running, an awareness.,campaign or trying to, make key decisions about your business, infographics, drill, down, charts can create, the impact, you desire for positive change.  


We take the analytics, burden, away, from businesses that cannot, run end to end analytics, programs. In the process, our clients are able to focus on things,they are good at. This allows,them,to maximize the benefits from analytics.


Strategy defines how information can drive business performance including defining a  vision, product selection, implementation roadmap and project ROI models. We help, organisations contextualise, data concepts before embarking on enterprise projects. 


We install and implement the best in class business intelligence technology for clients. This involves aspects such as Data Warehousing, dashboards for data drill down and visualisation,data discovery and so much more. We implement solutions that achieve business objectives, very affordable and scalable. Read More.

We help organisations understand how Big Data technologies can fit within their environment and add real business value andreturns to investment. Our clients benefit from real-time analytics, greater business agility and the identification of new sources for competitive advantage. Read More.

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We help organisations to save money on data storage and data management as we provide fully managed cloud service in MS Azure, Amazon Web Services, and the Google cloud. Through our data hub, we enable businesses to focus on what they know best to maximize their business value and returns to investment. Read More.